Probably one of the most listed aspects of new mukbang occurrence try their character in the social facilitation

Predicated on Choe (2019), due to as well as eating, mukbang people have been associated to each other by the a feeling of co-presence one overcame bodily range

Schwegler-Castaner (2018) discussed the fresh new instances of three women mukbangers (one Singaporean, that South Korean, and something Western) and you can talked about mukbang out-of a beneficial feminist knowledge perspective. Based on her, mukbang films had the potential to counteract loneliness and separation by connecting and you will revealing a similar appeal which have an online area. From inside the a review research from the electronic commensality (i.e. the practice of restaurants together), Spence et al. (2019) contended how mukbang enables you to psychologically facilitate commensality during the acquisition to manage restaurants alone. The top priority try there was couples empirical knowledge about mukbang watching might apply to audience. However they asked if mukbang you can expect to render comparable gurus to possess an individual’s psychological state that have been regarding directly food and additionally other people. Inspite of the deficiency of search on psychological predictors and consequences of mukbang technology, they figured enjoying mukbang while food could potentially bring viewers a sense of electronic commensality (Spence ainsi que al. 2019), and you can that may foster thoughts away from affective contact with rest.

Hakimey and you may Yazdanifard (2015) tested the brand new interaction from Southern Korean community and you will mukbang occurrence because of the examining magazine exposure concerning mukbangers. It figured mukbang seeing permitted visitors to communicate which have many of people at home at the someone eat. Hakimey and you can Yazdanifard (2015) contended you to definitely the same as West citizens, South Koreans round the all age groups have been all the more suffering from life style by yourself and being alone in unmarried-person households, and that elevated public separation provided these to enjoying mukbang while the an approach to enjoys restaurants lovers and you can effect psychologically linked to other people.

Centered on Hakimey and you can Yazdanifard (2015), the fresh new mental relationship and you can sympathy sensed into the mukbangers are also crucial contributors in the viewing mukbang. As an instance, one to leading mukbanger triggerred that it aforementioned union among their male audience participants via eating during the military degree outfits within the an area decorated with assorted army paraphernalia (elizabeth.grams., model rifles, competition numbers) one to reminded audiences of sentimental memory of its service because the an excellent soldier. Hakimey and you may Yazdanifard (2015) in addition to argued one to mukbang considering an unified lay-right up where some one got together as one people and you may with the each other into common interests. Self-confident reviews towards mukbanger and you can eating complex high emotions regarding society and confident ideas some of those just who saw mukbang (Hakimey and you can Yazdanifard 2015).

Moreover, mukbang enjoying allowed a feeling of co-presence among visitors via commenting collectively to eat restaurants along with her at the its favorite mukbanger (Choe 2019)

Some educational outputs provides analysed mukbang-relevant articles (age.grams., mukbangers, mukbang films, reader statements). Choe (2019) held a material analysis studies examining and evaluating 67 mukbang films clips regarding a masculine Southern area Korean mukbanger. She examined this new mukbang occurrence when you look at the South Korean culture out of an excellent sociolinguistic angle. Choe (2019) showcased one dinner along with her is sensed a vital element of South Korean society that people exceed sharing a desk so you’re able to since much given that eating from the exact same dishes. According to Choe (2019), you to definitely essential facilitation regarding mukbang try the newest fulfilment off an aspiration for eating having a friends. Choe (2019) theorized you to as the isolated restaurants is actually even more commonplace a number of places around the world and in Southern area Korea, mukbang given a feeling of public unity of these directly dinner by yourself. Watching mukbang made watchers end up being emotionally connected as if they certainly were dining which have individuals (Choe 2019). She in addition to emphasized the newest role of mukbangers into the delivering a sense away from collective dining via entering various other dining steps took part because of the visitors, therefore ultimately causing an increased relationship amongst the mukbanger and viewers.