Second Nature diet review – is it hard to stick to?

What is the Second Nature diet?

Second Nature is an online weight loss plan that helps you to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Basically you start with a ‘reset week’ where you analyse your intake and outgoings, get prepared with recipes and generally get your head in the game.

I’ve never done any sort of official weight loss thing before. I did go with a friend once to a Slimming World class and decided that wasn’t really for me, and, with my random work schedule being a travel blogger I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit. My only experience of weight loss was when I lost about four stone when I was 20, after an indulgent first year at uni.

That was all obsessive calorie counting, living in hilly Sheffield, working every shift possible in a busy pub, and going out dancing all night. None of those I fancied doing again.

It’s all done on the Second Nature app, with a group and a private nutritionist. Every day a new article is released for you to read – on topics such as sleeping, alcohol, insulin, and healthy eating – this is an all round programme to encourage you to check everything you take in and put out with your body.

There’s a weight track function, a steps counter (links up to Google Fit) and a sleep tracker too. You’ll get access to a whole toolbox of recipes, guides, exercise links, a meal planner and a journal.

I paid ?100 for three months of dietician advice, a recipe book, access to a group on the app, and videos and articles to read every day. This pretty much works out as ?1 a day.

The cost of Second Nature is normally ?40 a month, but you can sign up using this link and save ?10 (for a limited time only).

Second Nature is normally ?40 a month, but if you sign up using this link you can save ?10 – for a limited time only!

If you do use that link and the Second Nature diet promo code, you’ll get ?10 off, and I will too. Up to you though. I didn’t write this Second Nature diet review for that, but as a therapy for me, and a help for you.

Once you sign up, you’ll be given a date to start. For me it was the coming Monday. This gives you a chance to get shopping – planning is a big part of the programme – and to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

The basic premise is to eliminate – at least for the first week – all white bread, sugar and carbs. Instead you’ll replace with veggies, protein and three small amounts of good carbs (complex carbs) a day.

This leaves LOADS of food you can still eat. You just need to be prepared and plan, so you don’t find yourself reaching for a quick pizza / sandwich / bag of sweets – whatever your poison.

It sounds kinda obvious, and is based on the premise of eating more good things, staying hydrated, and exercising more. Having the private chat, the group chat and measuring your success means you’re held accountable, and have all the more reason to do it. It also guides you through making better choices every day, until that becomes habit.

What are the Second Nature recipes like?

I’ve been so impressed with the Second Nature recipes and have really enjoyed having a book of tasty, easy to make recipes so ready at hand. You can also access them all on the Second Nature app, which are updated regularly.