Can I still have fun on Second Nature?

The Second Nature recipes are pretty simple, and by using the app I’ve been able to order my ingredients very easily online. In fact, ordering online with the app in one hand and my laptop at the other has been an absolute game changer for me.

My favourite recipes are the savoury slice, the banana bread, the butter chicken and the Burmese curry – oh, and the muesli.

Before Second Nature we had a few recipes we’d recycle at home – fajitas, chilli, roast chicken – but this has made me a lot more adventurous in the kitchen, and given me some great recipes to learn in lockdown.

My boyfriend likes them too – although, it can be hard to stick to their portion size. Which, incidentally will be my next thing to focus on in the programme.

My secret weapon in all of this is lots of decaf tea and coffee, and high protein yogurt. I’m soon to become an expert in which natural yogurt is best from all the supermarkets.

Yes, Second Nature are your friend. They don’t want you to have to go sober, or breadless, or boring – but they do want you to be able to make better choices. There’s advice on alcohol, on eating out and on recipes with friends. They want to give you the tools to be able to change your mindset forever.

They also try to adjust your mindset to thinking fun = food. I mean, this is hard, it’s been a good 30+ years, but it’s great to have the tools to think differently.

I’ve studied all the Second Nature diet reviews and so far, they’ve all been positive. You need to do the work, of course, but they give you all the tools.

How does the Second Nature app work?

One of the USPs of Second Nature is that you get access to a group on the app. There are 14 of us in my group – all women – and we help support each other through daily choices and meal plans. It’s really inspiring and great to have a group to bounce ideas off so you don’t bore friends and family with Second Nature talk.

Also, this is where you’ll find the Second Nature recipes. You can track your progress here too, and it syncs up to your Google Fit. Or, if you’ve decided to buy the Second Nature pedometer and scales, it syncs here too.

I just add my weight manually from my Bluetooth Body Fat scales, which give a full breakdown of everything. Including telling me my BMI, body age, muscle mass, BMR, visceral fat… everything.

Every day Second Nature release a new article to inspire you. These could be on anything from sleep, to alcohol, to insulin, to positive mindsets. I think it’s great they do this as it keeps something new in your mind every day and stops that initial burst of enthusiastically reading everything, only to fall flat after.

Second Nature is normally ?40 a month, but if you sign up using this link you can save ?10 – for a limited time whatsyourprice-dating only!

Exercise on Second Nature

If you link the app up to Google Fit it’ll monitor your steps. I aim for 5,000 a day, although 10,000 is a better idea. I have been so sedentary through lockdown.

I go out for maybe an hour or two a day to cycle, walk or go paddleboarding but the rest of the time I’m in my little house, working.

I know more movement equals better chances at weight loss, but it’s hard when there’s nowhere to go! I feel like I’ve cycled and walked every street in Portsmouth through lockdown!